says I as I was carving images from clouds

Oh visitor from beneath the skies, you are the 3927th to alight upon Archimage, a dedication to Vivi Orunitia of Final Fantasy IX. A lost soul with a past so mysterious not even he knows it, Vivi finds himself wrapped up in events beyond his own little world, whilst trying to discover who — and what — he is. Peruse the menu to the left to find out more about the our little mage, but be warned: spoilers are unmarked and run rampant throughout this site. Enjoy!



Updates for Jan 5, 2009 — A new guestbook is available.

Updates for Oct 6, 2007 — Six beautiful new icons by Jae added.

Updates for Sept 13, 2007 — A lovely new fan creation—a Vivi figurine!—added to the fanart gallery.

Updates for Sept 2, 2007 — A new affiliate: Jessica's tribute to Freya, Holy Knight

Updates for Sept 1, 2007 — One more affiliate added: Alex's Kuja tribute, Sycophant

Updates for August 31, 2007 — And now Archimage has three more wonderiferous affiliates: Luenna's Quina tribute, The Master Chef, as well as she and Sara's Freya tribute, Unforgotten; and finally Stacey Anne's shrine to Zidane, Forget Me Not

Updates for August 30, 2007 — Another adorable fanart by Stacey added! Also, Archimage is now affiliated with both Todd's Steiner tribute, Pawn, and Chisa's Garnet tribute, Whisper

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