Giving added life to the character of Tear Grants are two voice actresses, Heather Halley and Yukana.

heather halley

Heather Halley seems to have a penchant for playing aloof female characters. She has a serious, calm voice that perfectly matches Tear. But when the story calls for an emotional response from Tear, she's quite capable of giving a believable performance. I believe she's a perfect match for Tear's character, and don't have any complaints.


Not having played the Japanese version of the game, I can't really comment on yukana's performance. If you've played it and would like your opinion posted here, feel free to contact me.

guest comments

from haejin

Having seen the words that you need some visions about Yukana's voice acting, I didn't hesitate to click 'contact' since I've just been playing ToA right now. XD though, I haven't played the Japanese version of ToA and having known Yukana as a Voice Actress, and hearing her clips on Voicing Tear. I believe she made a remarkable job on it. With her constant roles in animes as 'cutesy' since most of the characters she has voiced has cute voices. This time with tears, she used her sophisticated voice, which sounds perfectly for Tear, and an amazing work from Yukana. =D


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