In the hopes of spreading some Tear love, Flower of the Qliphoth has ties to other Tales of the Abyss character tributes -- and what a lovely bunch they are, too! Take a gander at the affiliates below, and if you're interested in affiliating with FotQ, by all means email me.

Tomoyo Ichijouji and Lithele's Abyss Info site Abyss Info (Tales of the Abyss) · It's sad how much we North American folks miss out due to certain Tales of the Abyss items being neglected in the translation process. Thankfully, we have the kind folks at Abyss Info! Previously organised by Souya, and now under management of Tomoyo Ichiouji and Lithele, Abyss Info provides all the information you ever wanted but were unable to attain about Tales of the Abyss. I've only just glimpsed the horde of information they've compiled here and already now I have some additions and, ahem, changes to make to my site...hehehe.

Kara`s tribute to Anise Tatlin Lady Luck (Anise Tatlin) · What I love most about Kara's tribute to Anise Tatlin is the writing style she uses throughout her site -- it's informational, but also adorable and personable, just like Anise herself! Kara covers all the basics, and more; be sure to check out her small but lovely collection of Anise icons. There's lots to read and more to come, and I can't wait to see how Kara fills out the rest of the site.

Meg`s tribute to Guy Cecil Debonair (Guy Cecil) · Who couldn't fall in love with a site dedicated to the dashing Guy Cecil? Aside from its perfect name -- Debonair -- Meg's fansite provides all of the basic information, with special little tidbits here and there -- look for her comments on canon and fanon -- as well as a great delineation of Guy's secretive past. This site's still growing, and I can't wait to see what she does with this site in the future!

Interested? Have a Tales of the Abyss character fansite? Drop me a line.

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