corner he following can be considered a glimpse into the process I embarked on in writing the content for this fansite. The links below will lead you to collections of the notes I took and to which I referred. By and large, they're what you'd expect: a disorderly array of quotes and comments that didn't quite miss the error-assailing plague that strikes the note-taker who stays up all night reading and writing and straining her eyes. Errors were corrected when comments from these pages were moved to the main content, but herein the errors remain. Viewing is recommended for insight and quote reference only.



corner irst and foremost, to Jo Rowling, who created this character and this series (and I also give a sly thanks to the teacher from whom the character of Severus Snape was derived). Secondly, to the provider behind the gorgeous Victorian-era clipart, which I have used liberally throughout this website. Thirdly, to RiSearch PHP for providing this fansite with a much-needed search engine. And finally, to Victoria, whose constant motivation and engaging conversations contributed to the completion of "Snapey". A special mention goes out to Tamisa, who came up with the idea in the first place. Thank you kindly, my dearies! ♥


Finally, a huge thank-you goes out to the Amassment crew who voted Heart of Uncertainty the March 2009 Shrine of the Month.


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