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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is an old game. I've only recently grasped this. I had one of those "Was it really that long ago?" epiphanies, and instead of the usual being stunned at how old I am, I realised that the game, to me, is ageless. Really, it feels just like yesterday that I was unwrapping the game on one magical Christmas morning and squeaking in delight at what I knew was going to be the greatest gift that year. And, ignoring the dated graphics, the game feels modern, plays like a modern game.

But the reality is the game is old. And that makes it hard to find, if you're not like me, who's coveted a cartridge copy for over a decade now. Thankfully, there's plenty of options for you to get yourself a copy.


There are, of course, more ... underhanded ... ways of getting a hold of the game. Maybe you have the game but no longer have the console. Or maybe you have the game but it's busted (yes, I know how rowdy pizza 'n pop gaming nights can get). Maybe you used to have the game and even technically still own it, but a friend stole it (I don't blame them). In any case, the following options I can't say I endorse, but perhaps you feel your reasons for pursuing them rest on the lighter end of the gray area. Or maybe you're all Ganon about this. In any case ...



Well, as someone who still has her N64 and cartridge from yonder years, that's the route I'd take. And do take. The next best option would be to purchase the game for the Virtual Console. I do have a Wii connected to the Internet, though, which you may not have. If you're into retro gaming, you might want to try to find an N64 and the cartridge. Shouldn't be more than $100. But I highly recommend spending the extra dollars to get a Wii and be a retro gamer "in spirit" instead. I might also suggest another option that, if you've taken a look at the media section, you've noticed I've tried out myself, but I might not, because I don't want to hurt Nintendo's feelings with possible misconduct. In the end, the best option fits your particular circumstances (and, erm, demeanor).

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