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Interested in a link exchange with Glad to hear you are! There's just a few things I'd like to go over with you before you submit your website. Yes, rules are the bane of everyone's existence, but to save yourself potential embarassment and also to not waste my time, please take a quick look at my little list here:

  • Your website must not invoke sudden anger or pain in me.
    Websites with pornographic, spammish or illegal material are unacceptable—although tasteful nudity is perfectly fine.
  • Your website must like my computer.
    If your website fails to load in either of the browsers I use (Firefox 3 and IE7, for the record) I'll reject the application immediately.
  • Your website must be a conformist.
    Websites submitted that don't fall into any of the categories may be ignored. Sometimes I like to shove things into the "Others" category, but usually I don't. Feel free to risk it, though.
  • Your website must not be skin and bones.
    Websites must have a decent amount of content. The higher quality and quantity of the content, the greater chance your website will have.
  • Your website must like my website, and show it.
    This is a new rule. Before, you could submit your website and not be required to link back to mine. I've changed my mind. I like link exchanges. It's more fun for everyone. (Looking for a banner?)

Still interested? Fill out the form below to submit your website. Keep in mind that I review every website personally, so don't bother to submit your website if you know it's inappropriate.


How do I know if I'm going to be added / when I'm added?

Whether your application has been accepted or rejected, you will receive a reply from me. I don't like to leave people hanging.

I'm not sure if my site fits one or more of the requirements ... what should I do?

Might as well just submit it. As scary as the requirements might sound, I'm pretty lenient, and I will always give you the benefit of the doubt.

My website is almost done ... can I submit it?

Please wait until you're completely finished your website. It's hard to review unfinished works, and risky for me to add them (I've had some nasty surprises on return trips to previously unfinished websites before).

How do I link back to

Find all you need here.

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Fill out your site details:

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