Oceanflare.net: Archived

After much thought (and a few nostalgic romps through my sites, during the course of which I became uncomfortably intimate with digital dust bunnies), I've decided to place Oceanflare.net on permanent archived status. My forecast pre-hiatus was more accurate than I'd hoped, and it's only fair I be honest with you, dear visitor: Oceanflare.net will not be revived. However, it will remain in archived form for as long as the Internet's cranks keep churning. And since my predictions have so far held true, I see no problem revealing that I expect only a long, if eclectic life for the Internet, and so too for the archived remains of this domain (well, at least the "long" part—Oceanflare.net already has the "eclectic" covered).

Finally, given it's unfortunate relevance, I leave with you my hiatus letter, which at best explains my position in more depth, and at worst gives me one more excuse to exercise my powers of verbosity.

Ciao for now!

Aeryvae July 15, 2010

A message for you

Open Sites

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Fanlistings Up for Adoption

These sites are still online, but the fanlisting component is up for adoption. To be clear, I plan to keep the fansite components (content and layout) online, on Oceanflare.net, but the fanlists will go to the highest bidder. Contact me if you're interested.


  • The Hanakimi Fanlisting is now here.
  • Armband, the Rukawa Kaede Fanlisting, is now here
  • Soul Diva, the Misia Fanlisting, is now here
  • The Galaxy Fanlisting is now here
  • The Gunblade Fanlisting is now here

Closed Sites

The following sites have been closed for reasons I hope are obvious. But maybe I've made a mistake. If you'd like to see one of these sites brought back to life, send me an email justifying your request, and I'll consider it.

  • Astromarine
  • Auranova
  • Bubble Tea Webring
  • Gamer
  • Guestbook
  • Novafrost

Although my domain and all the sites contained herein are now archived, before I closed the door on things, I made a few ... small ... modifications, for aesthetic, history, and user-centred reasons. In fact, these ... small ... modifications may continue to be made, from time to time. But no guarantees. Here I keep track of them.

Update: June 24, 2012

Various kind people have informed me that some sites (notably Stargazer) are not behaving the way they should be. I've fixed all errors I could find. I've also updated as many links domain-wide as I could. Also! My email address has been on the fritz. Apparently I haven't been receiving emails that I should be. Possibly for as long as the past three years. Ahem. So, if you haven't heard back from me, please try again. Even though this domain is archived, I do check my email and will respond to messages as appropriate. Sorry to everyone who's been at the odd end of one or more of these errors.

Archiving Changes

Archive Bar

There's now a (hopefully subtle) "archive bar" at the top of every site. This is to let visitors who don't make it to the main domain know that these sites are archived. Also: theming. See below.


That's right: you can now access many of the older, popular layouts using a handy theme-switcher in the top bar present on every site. I only made available what older layouts I could, as some have been lost to time.

Web Standards

I also updated the sites wherever possible to ensure best cross-browser compatibility, HTML and CSS validity, and usability. Again, no guarantees, but all sites should be a) crash-proof, and b) legible.

Fanlistings: New Ownership

I've notified the members of my fanlistings that they are available for new ownership. I've made a note of the fanlistings that now have new owners and a new place in cyberspace on their old pages, the archive bar, and the sites page. Fanlistings that no one has expressed interest in are noted on the sites page. If you're interested in taking over a fanlisting of mine that is still in need of a new owner, please email me.

Pre-Archive Changes

Alpha (Links Directory)

I finished a new layout on July 5, 2010. The old layout can, of course, still be viewed via the archive bar theming functionality.

Those interested in contacting me may do so by way of the form below (although I don't check it frequently anymore). I wouldn't mind hearing from a few old shrining or forum pals, hint hint, nudge nudge.